Tuesday, August 9, 2011

LeGal Ethical Security

Learn Security and Ethical Hacking To prevent From Blackhats Hackers Now days there are so many Hackers and other pc experts are trying to steal passwords from innocent people who dont know what is
actually virus and what are the trojans which is used to steal passwords and TO crash pc and for Defacing sites
So our Blog contanins 100% Genuine,unique,legal and valid Data and licence to Show Hacking Content From Google AdWords program policies
in our Blog we are just telling about How to Secure yourself from Blackhat Hackers So you will surf
internet safely otherwise you might be the victim of hackers Due to this you can loss you Email accounts your private data you loss your Hosting Domain and All PC data
so here i am telling Few points keep in mind these are basic Factors to prevent from blackhats
1-Do not Download any File From unknown publisher or someone is trying to you Download a file.
2-in case you download that file Do not open first Look at size of file if it is under 1.5 MB Do not open it
3-Always clear your cookies and all internet History From software CCleaner so your Passwords will not save and you will be secure
4-Download an Antivirus and keep update that antivirus and dont use free version always use paid version buy a antivirus
5-i reffer You to Buy BitDefender Total Security antivirus or Microsoft Security Essentials
6-Must Purchase Kaspersky Anti hacker Software which prevent Attack servers to Steal password and give you ALL information about hacking server or Traojan if present in PC
7-Dont tell your password to anyone and dont reply any fake email from compainies thats real fraud nothing more
8-Do not login your password to any un trustes website because there might be phishing to steal your passwords


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