Tuesday, February 15, 2011

windows speed

Safely turn Off Windows Services To speed up Windows
Some of the windows services starts with the windows eating up the memory. and if they are not used by you then you can stop them from starting with windows. You can re-enable them when you need it.

To check the services program...goto

start -> run ->type" services.msc " (without quotes) -> and hit enter.

There will be a list of services...Some common services you can check and stop them according to your need..

To stop a service..double click the desired service and click on stop button. To stop that service from startup..select "disabled" instead of Automatic from the startup type option

1) Error Reporting Service - stop the alert of send and dont send error

2) Help and Support - You can safely turn this feature off..as no one uses this

3) Indexing Service - keep it on of you use windows search..because..this makes the search faster

4) Messenger - Windows messenger. turn it OFF..if you don't use it.

5) Telnet - Turn this OFF..if you don't use it.

6) Interruptible Power Supply - Turn this OFF...if you don't have an UPS


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