Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to add 1-999 Fake Subscribers onto your Youtube Channel

What you need:

- A Youtube Account
- Inspect Element Option (Firebug [firefox] ect..)

Step 1.
Goto your Youtube Channel and find 'Themes and Colours'
Choose any colour and then select 'Show Advanced Options'

Step 2.
Right click on the Drop down box where the fonts are showing
and select Inspect Element (This is why you need firebug ect.)
You should then see something a little like this:

[Image: tut1r.png]

Step 3.
Right click on the (in blue) and press Edit at HTML. then change it to look just as:
Then go back on the Select font drop box and you should see a "Hackforums" like below:

[Image: ytube.png]
Select this and press 'Save Changes'

Step 4.
You should now see all the text on your channel is bold
Now goto 'Modules' next to Themes and Colours and UN-TICK the "Subscribers" and "Subscriptions" box's
~Save changes

Step 5.
Scroll down until you see 'Profile' and press the Edit button.
Now on edit you should see an option in the box called 'Channel Description:' Enable this if not already enabled and inside the box you MUST copy and paste the following:
You can change the last 3 numbers but NOTHING else, as the spaces inbetween "Subscribers" and the Number "828" are not actual spaces.
Final time to press Save changes and you should have a good fake amount of subscribers.


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