Sunday, June 26, 2011

learn Legal Ethical Hacking

Many Young Age PC users want to learn ethical Hacking But They DOnt know what to do and from wher we can hack and they are going to search hacking software of facebook gmail and other social and email sites i know there are elite hackerz available to make that kind of software but they dont give it for free and thousand of other hackers their self make fake software in which they attached trojans for when person downlaod that software they steal your private information so i have launch this copyright blog to teach newbies how to hack and crack and prevent from hackerz
5  Best  Tips to learn hacking
1-watching tutorials from video site search on google and there are Guru courses also available fo ethical hacking
2-Learn programming coz this is the basic of Hacking if u Dont know programming you can do anything coz you dont know what the actual scene behind All this.
3-Find institution Ethical Hacking and Security Related and There you take tuitions from experts.
4-Join Hackers communities search on Google you find 1000 of Hackers communities.
5-Dont give up be creative try again and agian and Again yntil you are not successful if u Gave up one time you can never learn even Basics Of hacking.
Thanks Regards LikeTalha
Written by Also LikeTalHa {The Hacker Who Begins From End}


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