Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What it Means Hacking Blackhat or Whitehat this Blog totally Legal.

Many of The users are complaning that our Blog is legal or Not so first of All it is Clear From Title of the Blog
Which means that All content is 100% Genuine and Legal This blog in not for Blackhat Hackers To violate and deface website this is for normal people who will be the victims of Blackhats so i want to say something for this blog
"This Blog contains All Legal and Genuine content and This Blog adheres to the both Google AdSense and Google AdWords program policies and Terms and Conditions"
i write that lines because i am running Adsense on this blog which Helps me in growing and if Google detects my Blog has illegal content so this is wrong i work hard and manage it very well I am hoping that i will sucessfully payout my income from AdSense witout Banning its up to Google that what they Do with me.


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